Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog #1 From The Beginning

I work in Marketing and I post blogs everyday, I know that most people want their blog to be read daily and they post pictures and videos, etc, but I really don't care how many people read this blog, I wanted to blog to make myself feel better, kinda like a journal.

I don't even know how to blog about myself or where to begin. If I am supposed to start at the stage when I start to remember when I actually remembered my childhood it would be a very sad story, I don't remember too much of my childhood being fun. I am envious of kids who talk about how much fun they had doing this or doing that. I remember two parents who absolutely hated each other (well one hated the other and the other pretended that it didn't hurt until it was too late). I will talk more in a later blog. Very sad, then I went through years of finding myself, experimenting, and just plain f-in up..God help I had 2 kids through this. I started living again in 2006, long story and I will tell it tomorrow.